Hooka turns Swimming Pool into Vegetable Patch

Jon, a landscape gardener, had looked at the job of filling in an unwanted swimming pool and turning it into a vegetable patch at a house in Histon, Cambridgeshire. It was not going to be a project for the faint hearted as the access to the rear of the property was not only very narrow (1.2m) but also went round a corner so presented all sorts of logistical challenges! Whilst other contractors had turned the job down, Jon had heard about the Hooka and realised this job was straight off her CV!

The Hooka did not let him down, moving 60 bulk bags of subsoil that had been dropped at kerbside down to the swimming pool at the far end of the rear garden – 70 metres away – this was not one for the wheel barrow!

Once there, the Hooka suspended the bags over the empty pool – allowing them to be slit and their contents to fill the pool. Using her dozer blade she then helped to level the in-fill materials and then tracked them down tight. Job completed in just two days, giving huge labour cost savings and green fingers!

Histon Pool fill - Loading out
Histon Pool fill - Tight fit
Histon Pool fill - Up ramp
Histon Pool fill - Bag over pool
  • Delivers bulk materials, plant and equipment from the roadside into the heart of any site!
  • Hugely reduces labour costs – no more barrowing of aggregates, bricks and blocks or winching and dollying of heavy plant.
  • Integrated load system allows a 1.7 tonne machine to safely carry a 1.5 tonne payload.
  • The perfect machine for restricted access sites – HOOKA is only 1 metre wide – the same as the loads it carries!
  • Unique ‘load lock’ system secures the load to the machine – ensuring total stability.
  • Tracked base ensures excellent stability and minimum ground damage.

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