Bags of Potential - Municipal Vehicle Operator and Plant Review

Municipal Vehicle Operator and Plant Review

Bags of Potential

MVO flagged-up the potential advantages of “The Hooka” tracked carrier last November. The idea was a good one. Now, after several months hard work, the production version was unveiled at the recent Plantworx exhibition. Malcolm Bates was the first journalist to try it…

Press article.8a – Malcolm Bates – Waste recycle angle – CWM magazine.July15,pdf

  • Delivers bulk materials, plant and equipment from the roadside into the heart of any site!
  • Hugely reduces labour costs – no more barrowing of aggregates, bricks and blocks or winching and dollying of heavy plant.
  • Integrated load system allows a 1.7 tonne machine to safely carry a 1.5 tonne payload.
  • The perfect machine for restricted access sites – HOOKA is only 1 metre wide – the same as the loads it carries!
  • Unique ‘load lock’ system secures the load to the machine – ensuring total stability.
  • Tracked base ensures excellent stability and minimum ground damage.

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