Commercial Structural Steel Beam Installation Service with the Ultimate Steel Beam Lifter

Hooka Steel Beam Lifter for Commercial Construction

Steel beam installation presents some of the greatest challenges at a construction site. The Hooka steel I-beam lifter will change the way you look at this building task. Lightweight and compact, it makes steel beam installation easy and less stressful.

When constructing a large commercial building, installing those massive steel beams can be awkward and dangerous. Underpinning an existing building, along with basement construction and foundations, have traditionally been difficult jobs. Tight spaces and exacting beam placement are among the headaches encountered by builders.

That’s where the Hooka steel beam lifter and DBX steel beam mover come in. Unlike a hoist-and-lift handler, the Hooka combines a long arm with a stable platform. You’ll appreciate the easy and precise beam placement that the Hooka brings to the job. Moving a beam to the other side of the site is no problem with the remote-controlled carrier attachment.

Ideal for Compact Sites

One of the greatest challenges a construction company will face is manoeuvring I-beams in a tight space. For this situation, you need equipment that can do the job right the first time. You will find the Hooka’s compact size ideal for narrow or low construction sites. Its I-Beam Manipulation Head and on-the-spot turn capability allow precise placement in spaces as tight as 1 metre wide.

These features take away much of the worry involved in compact construction sites. In fact, the Hooka has successfully installed a beam in a space measuring 2.1 metres high by 1.1 metres wide. It will also help you fit multiple crossbeams and columns from a central location. Now you can build that commercial building extension without damaging adjacent landscaping or tearing down parts of existing offices.

Making Steel Beam Installation Easier

Every feature of the Hooka is designed to make underpinning and foundation work easier. From stability to strength, the Hooka excels as an I-beam lifter. At only 1.7 tonnes, it can lift a 1.5-tonne I-beam. You can work confidently, knowing it will do the job safely.

Additional features let you move, lift and install I-beams with precision and safety. The especially helpful I-beam Manipulation Head attaches to the handler jib, allowing accurate placement of an I-beam.

The trickiest placements become less daunting when the Hooka is on the job. Carrying steel beams to a multi-story car park? The Hooka combines a lift and carry handler with a tracked forklift to make precision placements of heavy beams. Even when there is little headroom at the site, Hooka’s compact size and weight capacity make it a perfect choice for the project.

Sometimes, moving beams from one area of a site to another can be more challenging than expected. For example, you may find yourself moving multiple I-beams over a plywood trackway. Hooka’s load-spreading capacity and relatively light weight are just the ticket for this situation. This machinery lets you start a job knowing that you can safely move the largest, heaviest beams where you need them.

Minimise Risk of Injury

I-beam installation has come a long way. These days, it’s not unusual for an I-beam to weigh more than a tonne. Before it’s time to lift a beam into place, builders have to move the beam to the point of construction. Years ago, contractors had to rely on muscle strength and a 200-kilogram Genie lift to move smaller I-beams from the roadside to the building site. Muscle strains and back injuries were commonplace.

With today’s massive beams, manual moving and lifting are out of the question. DBX steel beam mover offers a better way to move today’s heavier beams. Our tracked trolley assures stable I-beam transport, allowing you to spend more time completing the construction project and less time worrying about load stability.

UK-Made With Quality Components

Machinery is only as good as its parts. We manufacture the Hooka steel beam lifter and DBX steel beam mover right here in the UK. Top-quality components include a Honda power plant and Hinowa track base. A closer look at the Honda 6X630 V6 petrol engine shows the quality that goes into every Hooka. This 20.8-horsepower (15.5 kilowatts) engine has an air cooling feature and electric start, and it is emission-compliant.

There’s nothing more frustrating than falling behind schedule while you wait for a replacement part. You can rely on the soundness of our products and know that our UK-made spare parts are quickly available. No more waiting for parts to arrive from another continent. The Hooka commitment to quality helps you stay on schedule for a job well done.


Today’s massive steel beams, while vital for structural integrity, can bring headaches to a commercial building site. Construction sites bring their own challenges, such as cramped space, but with the Hooka and DBX products, you’ll have the machinery to safely and easily complete the job.

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